Outdoor Group Fitness Sessions

Our Impact group classes are about fun.

They’re about providing a supportive, encouraging environment for you to work on your body and strengthen your mind.

Classes cater for all levels of fitness with a focus on functional training.

Positive, FUN Team Environment

First and foremost, Impact is about fun. It’s about working out in a supportive team environment where you enjoy the music, while you feel the burn. Jaron is a big fan of community and he has worked hard to make Impact feel like a place where you hang with your mates and you just happen to train. Be prepared to work hard, but laugh harder. There’s no mirrors, no judgements and no excuses – because Jaron’s heard them all.

Fitness Level

Whatever your fitness level, whatever your goals, your class will work for you. From absolute beginners to fitness buffs, everyone wants a great workout and to see results. So,we work you to your level and beginners and advanced members train side by side. The only competition to beat, is yourself.

30 Minute Classes

We only offer 30 minute classes for two reasons.

Convenience: Short, sharp, complete classes give you a full work out in 30 minutes. Feeling fit? Back it up – see below.

Variety: No one likes a boring work out, so 30-minute classes can allow 2 different classes to focus on 2 different areas in one night.

This is an example of how flexible 30 minute classes can be:

Impact in Action.

  • Monday night drop in and attend a 30 minute cardio boxing session followed by a 30 minute arms sculpting session.
  • Tuesday you only have 30 minutes to train so you do a leg sculpting session.
  • Thursday you go all out with a high impact class at 5.30am and then return that night for an abs and ropes session.

Normally you would need to pay a Personal Trainer for a plan like this.

With Impact, all you need to do is find 30 minutes in your day and your body will love you.

Welcome to Impact Total Health & Fitness

Sound familiar? You’re not sick, but you don’t feel well.  You’ve got no energy and you know that something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start...

Need a Change?

Are you at that point in life where you realise that there is more to life than Wake Up, Rinse, Repeat?

Want a little motivation?

Let’s help you shine with our daily dose of positivity!

I have been training with Jaron at Impact now for about 10 Months. The first thing I noticed is that Jaron and the classes are lots of fun. There are a good variety of classes and the time table works for me but the thing I really found surprising is there is a good mix on ages and everyone is welcoming.  I don’t know what floats your boat but I would recommend giving Jaron at Impact a try.

Sarah Minford

What can I say but thank you Jaron

I think I may well have given up had you not been there to keep me training and to keep me positive while I was recovering from a number of injuries. Thank you for always finding away for me to train.

I really enjoy our training sessions and long chats while jogging

Margaret Sky

Jaron Blackie Dont put it off any longer! If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please reach out!