Hi I am Sarah and I have been training with Jaron at Impact now for about 10 Months. The first thing I noticed is that Jaron and the classes are lots of fun. Yes there is a good verity of classes and the time table works for me, but the thing I really found surprising is that there is a good mix on ages and everyone is welcoming.  I don’t know what floods your boat but I would recommend giving Jaron and Impact a try.
Sarah Minford

Loving my new lifestyle,walking most morning or attending a class with Jaron and Impact.

I am loving my new life. I was in a bit of a mess before starting with Impact but Jaron has helped me turn my life around. He really cares as he puts in 110% each time.

Nicole Arkell

What can I say but thank you Jaron

I think I may well have given up had you not been there to keep me training and to keep me positive while I was recovering from a number of injuries. Thank you for always finding away for me to train.

I really enjoy our training sessions and long chats while jogging

Margaret Sky

I have been with Jaron now for over 4 years. I have lost over 13kgs. I did that in around 12 weeks and have kept it off now for 18 months

I feel fantastic and so healthy. I now go walking on the days that I don’t have classes.

Everyone should give Impact ago.

Lyndall O’Brien

Jaron is a great Personal Trainer with a high level of enthusiasm and a motivational spirit. Never a dull moment in the group fitness training and never miss the boxing session, loads of fun and hard work that benefits immensely. Give Impact Total Health & Fitness a go and you will be impressed.

Anthony Capaldi

I started training with Jaron in September 2011 and have never looked back since, literally the best thing I ever did in my life towards fitness, health and most importantly to me, emotional and mental strength and well being.

I always had a dream to run 10km….TICK and I do this every week now!! Another dream was to complete a triathlon…TICK, have done a few now…..I am hooked LOVE THEM 🙂

I am now training towards my first Half Marathon, once I have done that onto my first Half Iron Man!!

I could never ever have done all of the above without the support of everyone at training, especially Jaron. His belief in me, inspires my to continue to push myself to new limits.

I have also completed the Health Program with Jaron, the first time in 17 years that I have stood on the scales and those wonderful numbers read UNDER 60kg!! I completed the program in August last year (2013), I am continuing to maintain my weight and have learnt so much about my body and the way it performs and behaves with different food groups and eating patterns.

If you are looking for a truly family orientated Training group, that will inspire you to develop beyond your dreams then look no further.

I am happy to speak to anyone if they are thinking of trying our classes or the health program….my advice…Do both and don’t think about it anymore 🙂

Thank you Jaron
Joann Rego xx

Joann Rego

Highly recommend anyone that is considering to join Impact Total Health & Fitness. The support from the trainer and other individuals at each session is overwhelming with positivity! You do work hard but it’s always a fun and positive environment!

Emma Hancock

I have been training with Jaron, of Impact Total Health and Fitness, for the last 7 years. I enjoy the group training sessions, which are always fun, varied and challenging. Jaron caters for a range of fitness levels and abilities in these classes, and the people are so supportive and have become great friends.

In the last couple of years, I have lost 15 kilos thanks to Jaron and his nutrition and exercise plans. The food plans are simple to understand, and are based on ‘real’ food, not fads. I have learnt so much about my body and my eating habits, that I have kept this weight off for going on 2 years. He also provided daily motivation and encouragement which is exactly what I needed at times.
I highly recommend Jaron and Total Health and Fitness for anyone looking to lose weight, get fit, or even just meet some pretty great people.

Kerrie Pho

I’ve been with Impact for ~9 months, still a beginner compared to many others. Thought I’d spent sufficient time now to write a review.

Jaron’s truly passionate about fitness and genuinely cares about us and our fitness goals. He’s always making sure we’re on track and giving our best in every class.

He also takes great care to ensure we’re safe while training with him. Covid is a good case in point. He shut down classes before gov regulations (right thing to do to keep us safe he said) and moved the classes online. When we returned, the format was changed – min 2m distancing, personal stations & dedicated equipment, sanitizing before, during and after the training, strict no loitering around or socializing in groups before or after class – all just to keep us safe!

Other things that keep me going:
– Impactors group is fantastic, very supportive of each other
– Online training library if we can’t make it to any class
– Mobile app to manage our classes and account
– Back to basics: there is no protein powder or other gimmicks. Jaron’s all about hard-work and clean diet
– Rarely a class goes by without laughing, he’s a full entertainment package but keeps you accountable and WILL NOT let you slack off
– Great music from hiphop, to blues to rock anthems

Have tried mobile apps, gym, youtube videos and home workouts but it just didn’t work. With Jaron’s training, all I have to do (literally) is to turn up!

Overall I highly recommend Impact.

Sunil Saale

Highly recommend Impact Total Fitness. Great training environment and with the new restrictions in place I feel very comfortable training with Jaron. Fun, friendly and supportive environment for anyone looking to get their fitness on track.

Lauren Burgess

Highly recommend Impact Total Health and Fitness to anyone that needs something that will work. Jaron’s program is great, takes you back to the basics and it works. Added with his classes and you’ve got the perfect combination. He is passionate about what he does and will go to great lengths to help you achieve your goals.
Give it a go, you won’t regret it.


I’ve been training with Jaron for the last 18 months. Each class bring a new challenge so you never get bored. Jaron takes the time to listen to what you want to get out of the sessions and helps you achieve your goals. I also love the flexibility as there are a range of sessions available throughout the week which is great when your juggling work and family.

Rebecca Elson

Well supervised group outdoor training. Fantastic support & guidance from Jaron. A great group of people to train with.

Nick Harrison

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