We are here for you. You know that, we know that. So for us to help you along in your life journey, we look for people who are like minded, have the same values and goals and do a great job at what they do.

To make this page you need to be:

  • Focused on Health and Wellbeing
  • Value people for the individuals that they are
  • Be awesome at what you do

Rest assured that the following businesses are ones that I would use and are personally happy to recommend.

Need a Chiropractor?

Joshua Wellness

Link: http://www.joshuawellness.com.au

As you know, life for me is about overall health and wellbeing. That is why every week for the past 6 years I have visited Justin at Joshua Wellness. Forget what you think you know about chiropractors and have your mind opened to a whole new level of internal health. Justin’s approach to people and the way in which he mends them is in line with my beliefs in empowering people to heal themselves.

Need a Physio?

Sport & Wellness Physio Rehab

Link: https://www.swphysiorehab.com

From your first visit you will know, as I did, the boys at Sport & Wellness physiorehab in Winston Hills would be the right fit for you. Both Arville and Rabie like to train, so they know how important it is to continue training even if you have some kind of injury.They will take the time to make sure that you return to training in a the safest way possible.

For all things Fresh

Mint fresh IGA in Baulkham Hills

Link: http://mintfreshiga.com.au/baulkham-hills

Wow what a store! What a Cafe! The name Mint Fresh is en pointe as Richard, the owner is really passionate about fresh produce delivered to you, fresh daily. The cafe serves delicious meals and the coffee is amazing. Together with his team he offers a 200% guarantee on all hi products to make sure that you are happy, every time. We love Mint Fresh, can you tell?

Welcome to Impact Total Health & Fitness

Sound familiar? You’re not sick, but you don’t feel well.  You’ve got no energy and you know that something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start...

Need a Change?

Are you at that point in life where you realise that there is more to life than Wake Up, Rinse, Repeat?

Want a little motivation?

Let’s help you shine with our daily dose of positivity!

I have been training with Jaron at Impact now for about 10 Months. The first thing I noticed is that Jaron and the classes are lots of fun. There are a good variety of classes and the time table works for me but the thing I really found surprising is there is a good mix on ages and everyone is welcoming.  I don’t know what floats your boat but I would recommend giving Jaron at Impact a try.

Sarah Minford

What can I say but thank you Jaron

I think I may well have given up had you not been there to keep me training and to keep me positive while I was recovering from a number of injuries. Thank you for always finding away for me to train.

I really enjoy our training sessions and long chats while jogging

Margaret Sky

Jaron Blackie Dont put it off any longer! If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please reach out!