7 Ways to Feel Instantly Better!

7 Ways to Feel Instantly Better!

So who feels fabulous right now? When was the last time you could honestly say you felt happy, content and confident in your own skin? If you are reading this blog, let’s assume it’s been a while. Don’t worry, you are in good company, it is a lot more common than you think. Our jobs drain us, we live busy lives, the passion-killers aka kids, are always needing something. We are overwhelmed, feeling stressed and spend way too much time just trying to keep our head above water!

Who has time to feel fabulous? I hear you scream.

Well, today I am going to tell you that you do have time. It is just that we prioritise others and forget to invest time in ourselves. So today, that is going to stop! You get one life, that’s it. It is time to give yourself permission to shine, be happy and yep, you guessed it, feel fabulous again.

#1 Look after you
Book that hair appointment, get that spray tan, pluck those caterpillars growing across your face. Spend time and money on you. Allow yourself that trip to the beautician or simply buy that new pair of kicks that you have been dreaming about. You deserve investment, as simple as that. I know it and you should know it too.

#2 Change it up
What’s your personal style? Is your wardrobe stuck somewhere between the 90’s and now? You obviously aren’t the person you were back then and unless you are a naturally gifted style queen, you may not know what suits you. How about you start with a Pinterest board or notice what others are wearing around you? Go along to a styling workshop or hire a stylist. Discover the new you and watch what that will do to your confidence levels.

#3 Go To Bed
What once was a childhood punishment is now an adulthood pleasure. Yes, it is essential to have that “Me Time” after the kids give up and finally go to bed. That feeling when you get to sit down is wonderful, but keep it short. Make it a priority to get that extra hour’s sleep instead of mind-numbing yourself in front of the TV. You will feel more revitalized, calm and ready to tackle the next day if you are well rested, not to mention the health and anti-aging benefits of having a good solid sleep.

#4 If you have ‘em, flaunt ’em.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with highlighting a certain part of your body that you love. Granted, you won’t feel fabulous about every part of your body but if you have great legs, shave them and throw on a pair of heels. If you have killer guns, wear a shirt that shows the world. Everyone has something they are complimented on, even if it is a little thing like your nails, colour those babies up and show them off to the world.

#5 Blow the routine
Routines are great when you have kids, a job and all things responsible. The best thing about them though is that every once in a while you can break out of them. Go out and discover what happens outside of your usual world. Not a night person? Stay up and go for a night walk with the family. You love your “meat and three veg”? Stop into the new Afghani restaurant around the corner. Wouldn’t dare to live on the edge? Book a sky diving session. You will feel amazing every time you break out of your everyday routine and amazing breeds confidence. That’s just how it works.

#6 Get Outside
If you can walk, walk. If you run, run. Just get out there and do something. Even if you walk slower than a turtle in a boggy marsh, it’s all good. Just get out there. You will feel so much better about yourself just by being outside in the sun and exercising, no matter how slow you go. Remember; you are already lapping the old you who is still sitting at home on the couch. Get in the sunshine, walk it off and feel calmer, happier and guess what … healthier too.

#7 Food is fuel for the body
A bowl ice cream with caramel sauce and every sinful thing imaginable sprinkled on top is yum. It is really a short term kind of yum though isn’t it? As soon as you put the bowl down, you regret it instantly. Just once, say no to that craving, don’t give into it. You will feel empowered every time you deny yourself something that you know isn’t good for you. Empower yourself to say no and feel your confidence surge forward.

Guys, it is time for you to shine. You are more fabulous than you think, more amazing than you know and you have the opportunity to feel better than you have in years! Take the time to find you again, no more excuses, get out there and live the life you deserve because you know what?
You really are worth It!

Have A Great Day Today


Jaron Blackie Dont put it off any longer! If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please reach out!