Move or die sooner

?‍♀️ ⛹️‍♀️Move or die sooner ? ?‍♀️

It has been reported by The World Health Organisation that about 3.2 million deaths per year can be attributed to “insufficient physical activity”. Lack of movement is killing more people per year than obesity. Honestly, I have no idea how many of the 3.2 million had been over weight, but I am pretty sure it would have been a contributing factor too. Either way physical inactivity is now taking lives.

?‍?The World Health Organisation suggests that we each do about 20 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day. Really does not seem like a lot. Come on, 20 minutes a day, we should all be hitting that target. ⭕ BUT WE ARE NOT. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Personally, I have always felt that 30-45 minutes of fitness /activity each day, plus around 15000 steps across the day would help to keep the majority of people in general health.

➡️With this in mind I have create 10 tips that should help you build movement into your day.

  1. Walk to work every day or at least every second day. What about driving to work early and doing your walk there. Could help you beat the traffic. I used to do this. Saved me 30 minutes sitting in the car.
  2. Use your lunch time to get out walking or to squeeze in a workout.
  3. Take the long way around. Use the stairs. Look for any reason to be on your feet and moving.
  4. You are not chained to your desk, so get up and move at least every hour. Aim to get 300-500 plus steps in each time you get up. That’s only 3-5 minutes away from your desk.
  5. Stretching is so important. So, sit on the floor while watching tv ? and stretch out. Your body will thank you for it later in life.
  6. Your weekends should be a great time to fit in as more activity. Go try something new that challenges your body and your brain.
  7. Invest in a Fitbit or a Garmin. Such a simple little device that can be set to remind you to move. I love watching the numbers tick over.
  8. If you can, plan a work walking meeting. Why not it’s good for everyone.
  9. Never sit and talk while on the phone. Get up and move. Most phone calls run for 5 -10 minutes on average. That translates to 1000-2000 steps
  10. When you go to the shops, a friend’s place, sporting events or any place you are driving to, park as far away from the destination as possible.
  11. Learn a few body resistance exercises that you can do anywhere. Push-ups, dips, squats etc could all be done at work every hour.
  12. Keep a change of workout clothing, including shoes in the car. You just never know when you will get the chance to walk or feel the burn.

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